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Ținutul țânțarilor

  • Title: Ținutul țânțarilor
  • Author: DavidArnold Iulia Arsintescu
  • ISBN: 9786068811024
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • inutul n arilor Mim nu e bine Epiglota deplasat i ochiul cu care nu mai vede sunt ultimele sale griji Familia i se destram repede t n ra de ani sufer de nevroz Mim e nevoit s se mute n cel lalt col al rii mpreun

    Mim nu e bine Epiglota deplasat i ochiul cu care nu mai vede sunt ultimele sale griji Familia i se destram repede, t n ra de 16 ani sufer de nevroz Mim e nevoit s se mute n cel lalt col al rii mpreun cu tat l i noua lui so ie C nd afl c mama ei e bolnav , Mim fuge de acas , hot r t s str bat cei 1524 de kilometri care o despart de ea Drumul nu e doaMim nu e bine Epiglota deplasat i ochiul cu care nu mai vede sunt ultimele sale griji Familia i se destram repede, t n ra de 16 ani sufer de nevroz Mim e nevoit s se mute n cel lalt col al rii mpreun cu tat l i noua lui so ie C nd afl c mama ei e bolnav , Mim fuge de acas , hot r t s str bat cei 1524 de kilometri care o despart de ea Drumul nu e doar lung, ci se dovede te i dificil de str b tut, c ci nt lnirile i confrunt rile cu diverse personaje i propriii demoni o pun la grea ncercare.

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    1. "I am a collection of oddities, a circus of neurons and electrons: my heart is the ringmaster, my soul is the trapeze artist, and the world is my audience. It sounds strange because it is, and it is, because I am strange."Before anyone wants to tell me - yes, I know that John Green did not invent a new style of book. But he is well-known enough that he's good to use in comparisons.So I'd say you would like this if you enjoy John Green's books, particularly TFiOS. This is the kind of book where t [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book for what it was-- a book about a girl going on a journey to find herself, both physically and mentally. Mim is such an interesting character because she is crazy in the most indescribable way, yet she's relatable and rational and witty and intelligent and a perfect main character. Watching her journey is addicting and you grow to love her, even though you can blatantly tell she has her flaws. I was in love with this book because the writing was incredible. It takes a l [...]

    3. 100 out of 5 stars. I have no words right now to capture how I feel about this book, but damn, I almost cried at the end when I realized my time with these characters was over. David Arnold is The Real Deal.

    4. 3.5 stars. Writing reviews for contemporaries are the hardest for me, especially the ones that involve Important Topics About Life. Mosquitoland is such a novel, so if this review seems lacking, it's because of my inability to properly convey thoughts. But I'll humor you.The running motto of Mosquitoland is "Mim is not okay," and she really isn't. She's a hot mess, if I'm being perfectly honest. The girl has had a rough life, one that many teens her age have to deal with: she's watched her fam [...]

    5. UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH. What have I done to deserve this, universe? I'm a decent person! I take short showers! I preserve water! I eat healthy! I donate to charities! I floss every night!----Dearest David Arnold,I understand the attractiveness of becoming the "next John Green". Writing powerful stories that touch the hearts of thousands, nay, millions of readers between the ages of honey boo boo and betty white. Your books being adapted into films, those films starring up and coming actors, those [...]

    6. My entire opinion about this book is probably just basically: "HmmI think no." But it's a soft no. Because I think this is a "it's me not you" thing also. The narrative was very metaphoricald I GOT LOST. I wasn't sure what was real or not and I couldn't stand Mim herself. I ended up putting it down for a week and came back to finish the last hundred pages completely unmotivated. Wah.BUUUUUT!! Let me explain why I didn't fall in love with this book like I expected to:(I also point out that most p [...]

    7. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/Hey look, it's a book everyone else is rating 4 or 5 Stars. That means I'll love it, right? I guess I missed the memo that stated orange is no longer the new black. Apparently orange has been replaced with mental illness. Mosquitoland was (unintentionally) the third book I've read in two weeks that tried to tackle the "crazy" . . . Yeah. However, there is one thing that seems to always earn a 5 Star rating from me: Road Trip!!!!! I love road trips. Unapol [...]

    8. If we judge the quality and success of novels by how completely they allow us to temporarily step outside ourselves and inhabit a new skin, then MOSQUITOLAND is an incredible book and a tremendous success. I loved every minute of my time dwelling in the consciousness of Mary Iris Malone, MOSQUITOLAND's compulsively puking, half-blind, world-judging, odyssey-going, often-infuriating, wounded, vulnerable, precocious, hilariously quirky heroine. I loved learning her private vocabulary and seeing th [...]

    9. It took me a little bit to get into this book but when I did, I fell in love with the characters so much. Mim was so original and different and everyone else was just as interesting. The writing style is insanely awesome and I can't wait to read more books from this author. The overall road trip aspect was fairly unrealistic but I didn't think that was a big deal. I was so engaged in the characters and I loved the story. Overall, I loved this book. I was so sad when I finished it because I wante [...]

    10. Breeding with my favorite person ever on my favority favoritest website () ever!!!Honestly, I just laughed and cried throughout this entire book.

    11. I don't even know where to begin. This book is as weird, wonderful, and unforgettable as its title. Mim is such perfectly drawn teenager: whip-smart, hilariously observant, and almost heartbreakingly vulnerable. Her voice is irresistible, and it will be singing in your head for weeks (months? years?) after you finish this ridiculously awesome book. One of my all-time favorites.

    12. Full review posted:Just trying to explain to you what mosquitoland is, is probably impossible bc the book is like someone got the letters of the alphabet and threw them in the air and just shrugged and walked away BASICALLY I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE BOOK IS- It’s about a quirky, edgy teenage girl that is //not// okay- Mim is honestly a collection of oddities, from her defiance of following rules to camping out with homeless boys to throwing up on demand, honestly no one knows what on earth she [...]

    13. What a weird yet kind of wonderful little book.It is a coming of age story dealing with broken homes and medicated minds. Of running away only to find out you are running home. Of facing a society with many dangerous perils, but where a few genuine diamonds in the rough more than make up for it.Sometimes it felt like the book was trying to be too whatever it was trying to be, but I think the characters you meet and the experiences they have more than make up for it.If you love YA. If you love ro [...]

    14. Okay, so not only did I just intensely dislike the main character (I don't think you're supposed to?), but there are some extremely problematic issues of cultural appropriation in Mim's use of "warpaint" (justified because she's "part Cherokee") and debasing of a homeless teen with Down syndrome, whom Mim and her friend actually take to a veterinarian when he gets sick and the nearest clinic is closed. It's distressing to me that so many reviews are ignoring these issues. Aside from those proble [...]

    15. More like 4.5 stars. "Mosquitoland" is UNCONVENTIONAL. Unlike any other young adult novel I've ever had the pleasure of reading. "I am Mary Iris Malone, and I am not okay." She might not be the most "normal" girl in the world but she's definitely the bravest. There were some minor incidents/details that irked me (like Mary's crush on Beck) but overall, I thought "Mosquitoland" was a beautifully-written coming-of-age story full of sass, wit, and unexpected warmth. P.S. I love Walt! He's the cutes [...]

    16. 2 StarsOverview: In a word: quirky.Just so, so, so quirky. (Was there more going on? I couldn't understand it between Mim's rambling metaphors, whimsical lists and other quirks.)Pros:Surprisingly, I liked this writing. Independent from the story, I really love several paragraphs and sentences. Most of them are really beautiful and well-constructed metaphors. Some of my favorites:“I am a collection of oddities, a circus of neurons and electrons: my heart is the ringmaster, my soul is the trapez [...]

    17. I so badly wanted to love this, but I just didn't. I couldn't get into the writing style at all and I found a lot of the things that happened to be too unbelievable to enjoy. Womp womp :c

    18. Whelpat was adorable. I'm just going to go curl into a corner now and try to process my feelings. I am usually very picky about road trip novels but I did like this one. The main character is quirky without morphing into a manic pixie dream girl. The plot was a little sparse but still enjoyable,your typical coming of age novel. I thought that the portrayal of mental illness, and the stigmas surrounding it were well portrayed. Mim's relationship with her dad was unfortunately very realistic.Overa [...]

    19. This is an amazing book. So worthy of 5 stars! Mary Iris Malone (aka Mim) is probably one of funniest narrators I've ever encountered. Her voice is HILARIOUS, I was laughing out loud for the majority of the book. That being said the humor of this book goes hand in hand with the tough situation that Mim is facing. The author created a really satisfying mix of humor and seriousness that was so realistic and also relatable."I am Mary Iris Malone, and I am not okay."This book starts off with Mim lea [...]

    20. I don’t read a whole lot of YA, but the voice of this one captured me right away. Like Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars, Mim (Mary Iris Malone) is a lovably sarcastic oddball – she describes herself as “a young Ellen Page” à la Juno – with some hidden issues that come out over the course of the book. Here Mim’s journey takes the form of a road trip from Mississippi, where she lives with her father and new stepmother, back to Ohio to be with her sick mother. She meets a kooky cast of [...]

    21. Fell in love with the young MIM, who sneaks out of school after overhearing her dad and step mother talking about how ill her mother is. She is fearless, feisty, and so likable. So, this sneak peak definitely did what it was supposed to do, give is enough of the story to go out and get the book. And I will.

    22. Dear Mosquitoland,Reasons are hard. Trying to put into words the reasons why I love you is hard, but I’ll try.Reason #1: You are weird. Like, SO weird. But you’re that special kind of weird that I absolutely love. You’re unique and strange and beautiful and funny and emotional and just brilliantly weird in the best possible way.Reason #2: David Arnold’s writing is incredible. Like, mind-blowingly incredible. I cannot believe you are his debut novel. How is that even possible? I cannot wa [...]

    23. As simple as it sounds, I think understanding who you are - and who you are not - is the most important thing of all Important Things.2.5/5 starsWhen I stared this book I was sure that I was going to like it. Maybe even a lot. That's true, but only for the first 100 pages. And then the author lost me completely.The main character is an extraordinary girl. She's sassy, she's weird, she's on a mission. But - and here's one of the main reasons for the rating - she's not relatable. Mim and the whole [...]

    24. I added a 2015 Nerdy Book Club shortlist shelf (6 weeks early) just so I could put this book on it. Mosquitoland is an incredible book because of the voice of its protagonist, Mim, who is maddening, strange, hilarious, and honest. A funny book that will make you cry. An emotionally heart wrenching book that will make you laugh. Memorable.

    25. A beautiful book from an astoundingly talented writer. Look out for this one, guys. It will knock you down and drag you around. By the heart.

    26. 5 'I am not okay' starsThis book hit me hard. I could really relate to Mim and a lot of what happened to her hit quite close to home. Her experiences and her reactions to them felt realistic to me and I appreciated that. I liked that the whole Poncho Man thing wasn't just something that happened one minute and then completely forgotten about the next. It stayed with her her. That whole plot-line was written really well, so cudos to Arnold for that, because it felt real. So, there are people in t [...]

    27. More like 4.5 but I felt weird giving it just 4 stars but a full FIVE is something I rarely hand out. From the "Final Thoughts" section on my review:Mosquitoland was just delightfully offbeat in the most charming of ways. Mim is a heroine wherein no adjectives can quite pin down the essence of Mim. She will test your patience but you cannot help rooting for her on her journey. And the writing?! It made me up my dog-earring game! Gut-bustingly funny at times, punches you in the gut at other times [...]

    28. Cá estou eu avaliando livro com o coração mais uma vez. Boa parte dessas 3 estrelas são por conta do final dessa história. Eu adorei como o autor encerrou tudo, deixou as pontas amarradinhas, jogou um pouco de realidade mas também uma esperança boa de sentir, sabe?A escrita do David Arnold me agradou bastante, mas o meio do livro foi um pouquiiiinho arrastado pra mim.E, não posso deixar de comentar, WALT MELHOR PESSOA.

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