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Piper Perish

  • Title: Piper Perish
  • Author: Kayla Cagan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: None
  • Piper Perish Piper Perish inhales air and exhales art The sooner she and her best friends can get out of Houston and into art school in New York City the better It s been Piper s dream her whole life and now tha

    Piper Perish inhales air and exhales art The sooner she and her best friends can get out of Houston and into art school in New York City, the better It s been Piper s dream her whole life, and now that senior year is halfway over, she s never felt ready But in the final months before graduation, things are weird with her friends and stressful with three different gPiper Perish inhales air and exhales art The sooner she and her best friends can get out of Houston and into art school in New York City, the better It s been Piper s dream her whole life, and now that senior year is halfway over, she s never felt ready But in the final months before graduation, things are weird with her friends and stressful with three different guys, and Piper s sister s tyrannical mental state seems to thwart every attempt at happiness for the close knit Perish family Piper s art just might be enough to get her out But is she brave enough to seize that power, even if it means giving up what she s always known Debut author Kayla Cagan breathes new life into fiction in this ridiculously compelling, utterly authentic work featuring interior art from Rookie magazine illustrator Maria Ines Gul Piper will have readers asking big questions along with her What is love What is friendship What is family What is home And who is a person when she s missing any one of these things

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    1. Ok I'm sorry I really tried. DNF @ 42%. It is very very rare that I DNF a book, so I have some things to say aha. I don't mean to be so harsh but, like I said, it takes a lot for me to DNF a book**Rant Ahead**This ARC is seriously stunning and the concept sounding so great and promising. But, unfortunately, this book. Drove. Me. Insane. Oh dear god. The cliches in this book were ridiculous. I'm not even go into that one. It was completely unrealistic. I WANTED TO PUNCH HALF THE CHARACTERS IN THE [...]

    2. Misschien is het heel vreemd om een boek op mijn blog te bespreken waar ik zo veel betrokken was bij het proces. Maar ik vond het boek zelf echt een aanrader en ik heb het immers ook gewoon gelezen. Ik heb het dan natuurlijk over Piper Perish van Kayla Cagan. Dit boek verscheen in maart in het Engels en verschijnt over enkele dagen op de Nederlandse markt. En wat tof is? Dit boek is daadwerkelijk anders dan de Engelse uitgave. Niet alleen heb ik het boek mogen voorzien van een andere omslag, ik [...]

    3. Piper Perish is a character you cannot help but root for! This book moved way more than I thought it would. I was expecting an entertaining read about an artist in peril, but instead I got engrossed in a story that felt so real. This is a story of the REALISTIC ups and downs in family and friendship. By the end of the final chapter (month) of this book I actually felt in the back of my eyes some joyful stinging. The story is captivating and even empowering. Thoroughly enjoyed myself this morning [...]

    4. “Piper Perish” is the perfect book for the kids who are creative and ponder life’s big questions. It’s also great for the adults who once were those kids and probably are still the same as adults. I really wish there would have been a book like this when I was in middle and high school. Highly recommended!This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.

    5. I loved the synopsis for Piper Perish. It sounded really fun and the cover is beautiful so I was pumped. I was super excited. I was ready to read a cute, fun YA contemporary. However, this book was a massive disappointment.First off, I wasn't super into the writing style. It was written in a diary-like format but it was so over detailed, it would have been better if it was just written normally. Okay. So. I hated the main character. She was very whiny, ungrateful, pretentious, immature, and incr [...]

    6. *A copy of this book was provided to me by Raincoast Books*FULL REVIEW: alexatalksbooks/20Piper Perish is for a younger audience. I'd recommend Piper Perish to young teens. Teens that yet to graduate high school or have recently graduated from high school. It could be very relatable to those going through what Piper is going though, the final stretch of high school and graduation. To me, the story felt very juvenile and I obviously have more insight and understanding of what Piper didn't underst [...]

    7. So Piper Perish is an interesting book. The cover is gorgeous and lines up well with the content of the book. Simply this book is about the last year of high school of Piper Perish, an artist trying to get into a prestigious art school in NYC. The writing style is very whimsical. It kind of jumps in time often, the text is basically little pieces of Piper's thoughts before we move to another point in time. It made for pretty easy reading but at the same time it annoyed me sometimes when we skipp [...]

    8. A couple of lovely quotes:I love painting. I love drawing. I’m never let down, even when the picture isn’t exactly what I want. I can keep working on it. Paintings speak back. They argue. But it’s just because they still want attention. They aren’t done yet. They want to keep the relationships alive. And when they break your heart, it’s only because they’re that good, not because they’re bad. Bad art can be fixed or transformed. But bad people? Bad choices? I think they’re with u [...]

    9. Piper Perish was an extremely fun read! The book is written diary style, and each day is random, loud and full of emotions. And also I enjoyed the little sneak peaks of art thrown in some entries. Our main character Piper, is an artist who has a dream of going to college in NYC. She spends her free time hanging out with her two best friends, Enzo and Kit either sketching the day away drinking coffee or thrift shopping. Now I myself was a photography major in college and had to take numerous art [...]

    10. With the exceptions of Kit and Phillip (and maybe Silas, though he was just an e-mail presence), I pretty much hated all of the characters. I should have stopped reading as soon as I realized this, but kept hoping something would happen that would redeem someone, even if it wasn't Piper herself. And, while I appreciate Andy Warhol, Piper's obsession with him was really, really annoying and pretentious and the whole book was pretty much justhA: I got to thinking more about this book and I don't l [...]

    11. "Jij dacht dat Ronnie vis had gekocht toen hij zei dat hij platjes had,' zei Kit. 'En dan wil jij jaar helpen? Ik dacht het niet." ~ p9.Toen mij gevraagd werd of ik dit boek wilde recenseren hoefde ik geen 2x na te denken en was het gelijk een volmondig JA!!! Alleen de cover maakte mij al super nieuwsgierig. Enorm trots op Emmy van Ruijven dat zij hiervoor het artwork heeft mogen doen. Het voegt absoluut iets aan het verhaal toe dat er ook binnenin leuke krabbels tussendoor staan. Na het omslaan [...]

    12. I really wanted to like this book. Not just because I've had a great record with loving YA novels published by Chronicle Books. Not just because I share a fantastic first name with the author. It sounded so interesting, like nothing I'd ever read before. Unfortunately, there were more frustrations in this novel than anything else, and it left me with nothing unique to hold onto. It's the kind of book where the plot will grow fuzzy a few days from now.Piper Perish is about just that: A girl named [...]

    13. I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.This is going to be kind of a ranty review because spoiler alert: I hated it. Maybe part of it is an age thing. Some parts of it may appeal to younger audiences because while I could relate to some things, most of the book just annoyed me. This book is told through Piper's journal entries. Interesting choice for a narrative style, but it ensured that we only got things from Piper's POV. The problem with Piper was that she annoye [...]

    14. Little Miss Perish is one of the coolest characters I have ever come to meet in a novel. She is talented, cool, quirky and fun. I found myself hoping I could’ve been cool enough to hang with her in high school. Cagan creates such realistic high school experience for the reader. The story is written like a journal, and Piper’s voice is so genuine and real. It is exactly how you would imagine a senior in high school to write about her daily feelings. Throughout the story, Cagan introduces the [...]

    15. I hate that I didn't love this one - but in January, I was already pretty sure I wouldn't love it.I think this is a case of a reader and a book - just not destined to get a long. I found the story boring - I keep trying to imagine what I would tell someone the plot is and I think I'll go with "dysfunctional family and the few months before college." I just don't think anything stands out here. Told is a kind of journal format, each "chapter" section is broken out by Month. The story starts in Ja [...]

    16. I loved this book! Fast, fresh, intense, raw, & real. This book has all the feels! Relatable characters and an urgent plot make it hard to put down. And the illustrations are amazing!

    17. Pages read: 6This was very immediately not my kind of book.Piper Perish opens with Piper waking up and thinking she's blind because she fell asleep with false eyelashes on and they've glued her eyes shut. Then she talks about how there's glue and glitter on her eyeballs and my eyes started watering with how freaking gross that is.Piper idolizes Andy Warhol (dear god) and asks herself "What would Andy do?"There's a character they call "STD Ronnie." His girlfriend, Marli, refers to Piper and her b [...]

    18. This is one of those books that I liked from the first page, and then quickly went downhill when I realized there wasn't much more to say.The characters were weirdly flat. Piper, for example, can be defined by her love of art and her obsession with Andy Warhol an obsession that is confusing, as if it only exists to say "this girl loves art. Here is an example of how much" without adding any depth to her character. There are so many of these "Look! Here's what an art lover would do!" moments that [...]

    19. Unfortunately, this book was a miss for me. The synopsis made me really excited but to be honest that excitement died quickly.I did not like the characters one bit. Maybe it is because this book is written in diary format so we only get one side of the story. I honestly don’t know. I LOVE first person but I felt like the diary format kind of killed this book. Piper’s personality also got on my nerves a lot. I’m sorry but if I don’t like the main character then the book is just going to b [...]

    20. ugh! so much love for this crazy dramatic, crazy beautiful, crazy relatable story. Piper's voice is so strong, and i adored being surrounded by her world of art and her friends.full review up here! :)

    21. Piper Perish is a thoughtful, passionate, and page-turning story about a group of young artists who are stretching the boundaries of "what art means" as they simultaneously stretch the boundaries of their own lives. I should start by saying that author Kayla Cagan is a friend of mine, and also that I got an advance copy. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here's a short (and non-exhaustive) list of what I loved about Piper Perish:1. Piper's voice. She cares so much about her work (and her [...]

    22. I liked the description and the cover of this from the start, and I had high expectations based on some of the really great contemporary YA that I have read over the last couple of years. But unfortunately this book did not live up to my expectations. It had cliche, stereotypical teenagers with the teenage artist who is, of course, obsessed with Andy Warhol. They were unrelatable and the conflict and relationships were so disjointed and seemed out of place at times. The NY storyline and emails t [...]

    23. Ik ben zeer goed verrast door dit boek. Eerst had ik geen flauw idee waar het over ging en later vroeg ik me af waarom ik het niet gewoon zou lezen. Het werd aangeboden als recensieboek en ik ben heel blij dat ik ja heb gezegd. Wat een heerlijk boek! Vlot geschreven waardoor ik alleen maar door wilde blijven lezen. Uiteindelijk ben je toch benieuwd wat Piper meemaakt en hoe alles afloopt, met haar opleiding, haar vrienden en alles wat er nog meer afspeelt in het boek. Vond het erg leuk dat ze zo [...]

    24. I have to say, this book was over the top. It managed to make me hate every single one of the characters in under 50%. The cover is gorgeous but don't let that fool you. The main character's voice irritated me down to my bones. So pretentious. So snotty. Marli, her sister and who was supposed to be the main villain, was even worse. She was just horrible, not a complicated or round character at all. Both consistently made bad choices, and did not improve or learn any lessons. Gah. Even writing ab [...]

    25. Wat een heerlijk wegleesboek. Voor het eerst sinds hele lange tijd een hoofdpersoon leren kennen met wie ik weer ontzettend kon meeleven. Komt er nog een deel 2? Want ik ben erg benieuwd hoe het Piper in New York vergaat!

    26. 3 1/2 I’ve got to admit that I am all over the place regarding Kayla Cagan’s Piper Perish. For the most part, I enjoyed the story of Piper who aspires to be the next Andy Warhol. She sounds like a typical high school student, although a very talented one, dreaming of a perfect future.The novel is written in diary form, but breaks that at times to include emails, etc. As such, the style is very conversationalad more: saschadarlington/2017/09/2

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