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The Trouble with Goats and Sheep - SAMPLE

  • Title: The Trouble with Goats and Sheep - SAMPLE
  • Author: JoannaCannon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Trouble with Goats and Sheep SAMPLE Exclusive sampler ahead of publication England Mrs Creasy is missing and The Avenue is alive with whispers As the summer shimmers endlessly on ten year olds Grace and Tilly decide to take matter

    Exclusive sampler ahead of publication.England,1976.Mrs Creasy is missing and The Avenue is alive with whispers As the summer shimmers endlessly on, ten year olds Grace and Tilly decide to take matters into their own hands.And as the cul de sac starts giving up its secrets, the amateur detectives will find much than they imagined

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    1. I absolutely loved this book. The writing is just so beautiful. An example of the great descriptive writing - "July had found its fiercest day yet. The sky was ironed into an acid blue, and even the clouds had fallen from the edges, leaving a faultless page of summer above our heads."The story is set mainly in that hot summer of 1976 which some of us of a certain age might remember. The action also takes place in part 9 years earlier when a baby goes missing.The story centres around the lives of [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book as it has such a good premise, but by the end it became known as 'the tedious book', I get that was the point - small town mentality on a street in the 70s where everyone knows everyone's business ( ''A parade of people joined together by tedium and curiosity")but the book was lacking where it could have shone. There was a plot line which kept the book moving to a point but instead of a big climax at the end it just fizzles out. If the characters were supposed to be th [...]

    3. The Trouble with Goats and Sheep is another book that had a huge amount of hype around it so I delved in expecting to find it amusing, witty and full of nostalgia based on the blurb.For those of us that remember that long hot summer of 76 it did have it's fair share of references that made me stop and think oh yes I recall that, Angel Delight, Jackie, Whimsies and of course the beloved Bay City Rollers so on those merits alone I enjoyed reminiscing.The story itself though was rather long, drawn [...]

    4. A quirky read with tales of 'everyday England' side-lined by deeper questions on human nature and morals

    5. I was really disappointed with this book. I enjoy quirky novels but this one never engaged me. The cast of characters was too large and I found it hard to like any of them except for Grace and Tilly. Too many loose ends were never dealt with.

    6. Cleverly told story from 10 year old Grace's viewpoint with vignettes from the supporting characters, the neighbours on the avenue: Mrs. Creasy goes missing one day late in June. Everyone speculates as to the whys. Most of the neighbours suspect they know why and are worried, very worried. There is a secret on the avenue no one wants known.The haze of a hot summer in the Midlands, circa 1976, and two little girls with nothing to do, it's far too hot, decide to find out if God is in their street, [...]

    7. This book was interesting and taken from an interesting point of view. The characters are all a bit vague and I didn’t really relate to any of them. The plot starts out interesting but winds around for most of the book and then suddenly speeds up and finishes in rather unsatisfying way. The winding around implies that there is going to be great secrets that are slowly revealed but in the end there is only one secret. The story could have been told much more quickly and other secrets and plots [...]

    8. I enjoyed the book as a whole especially all the references to the hot summer of 1976 as I remember it well. Some of the descriptions are wonderful “the avenue was filled with a smell of scraped plates.”“fragments of music littered the street”“I looked at the sky, which sat like an ocean above our heads”“and I sat near the front so God could hear us better”It's worth reading just for all the fabulous snippets.A good story too although the many references to the fire became a bit [...]

    9. My mind just kept slipping away from this one - an 'easy' read' that just didn't have enough chops to keep me interested - it only was beguiling when you were reading the passages from the kid's naïve, but imaginative point of view. The adult characters were of little substance and hardly interesting enough to tell one from the other. It doesn't even succeed that well of being evocative of the Summer of 76 either. Something like this plot happened in my Avenue as a child so maybe this just seem [...]

    10. I didn't hate the book. In fact Joanna Cannon has a very quirky way of writing which is laugh out loud funny. Great style and very concise. She would be a great short story writer. But after the first 200 or so pages the novelty of this style wore off and the characters started to get confusing.By the end, I was totally mad. So much build up, so little explanation. It didn't exactly have an ending, more come to a screeching halt.

    11. A friend raved about this book and I had such high hopes when she lent it to me.TBH the book was good and I loved all the referrals to the 1970's (when I was a lass).It was well written with lots of fun references and good characters.I think my failing was that I had so little time to read more than a page or two in a sitting it's taken me over a month if I'd have read it in a few days I'd probably have raved about it too!

    12. Really enjoyed this one. Well written with great characters and lovely descriptions. Exploring issues that surround keeping secrets, deflecting shame by judging others. Loved the different perspectives, particularly of the two precocious girls. Plotting well done as well. Thumbs up for her first book. Will look forward to her second.

    13. I liked the premise of this book and, whilst it didn't grab me as much as I would have liked, I did enjoy it as I was about the same age as Grace at the time the book is set.It is a refreshing approach to write an adults book from the point of view of a 10 yr old child and this gives it a unique quality

    14. Lyrical descriptions and an accurately portrayed atmosphere of England 1976 made this book a pleasant read, but I found the plot rather unengaging. It’s really all about the ten- year old narrator and her perceptions, and that was beautifully done, and kept me reading.

    15. Enjoyed this read for the most part; Cannon can write. Then the book started to drag. I started mixing up the adult characters. High expectations just fizzled at the end with questions remaining unanswered.

    16. I was enjoying this book until I reached the end - or rather I should say - IT ENDED!! I was looking for more and there was nothing very strange. This actually spoilt the book for me. What I did love though was the banter between Grace and Tilly. Wonderful!

    17. My first bookclub choice. Really enjoyed reading from the child's standpoint, and the dip back into the seventies with it's angel delight and playing in the street was a nostalgic blast from my childhood

    18. Fantastic book, creatively written, love the character development and how the plot developed. For me in particular it made me very nostalgic for my childhood, totally recommend this read!

    19. Very cute. Felt the ending was a bit anticlimactic but still enjoyed reading it. Written from a little girls perspective, it gives good insight into how adults and religion are so confusing.

    20. I found this hard to get in to. Could be because I was born in 77 so didn’t really have any close affiliation for the era!

    21. Hugely enjoyable. Superbly written. This is a multi faceted book. Mystery thriller but with comedy and pathos. Loved it.

    22. I enjoyed this on the whole but did find the ending abrupt and unsatisfactory- the writing is very original and quirky and the detail in language and observation very impressive

    23. This was a very interesting mystery set in the mid 70's in an English suburb during a heatwave. Written through the eyes of two young girls investigating the disappearance of their neighbour

    24. Nice to be taken down memory lane for some 70's info. But I didn't really enjoy this book. Too tedious and long winded. Ending anticlimax too.

    25. A must read - a wonderful insight into ordinary people's lives - the whisperings and secrets behind closed curtains and the affects on a child's perceptions of themselves and others

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